Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did You Know? -WPSBD-

Did you know that in 1995 the Washington Place Special Business District was proposed and established? That year a special election was held to confirm Washington Place's desire for a tax to fund the efforts and actions of the Washington Place Special Business District (WPSBD).

In 2004 the Special Business District Expired and was renewed.

The WPSBD is tasked as follows:

SECTION FIVE. All District revenues collected hereunder by the Collector of Revenue, except for those revenues expended for the necessary costs of the establishment and administration of the District, and for collection fees for tax revenue collected hereunder, may only be used to carry out any and all of the following improvements, services and activities related to security of the District:

A. To provide special police and/or security facilities, equipment, vehicles and/or personnel for the protection and enjoyment of the property owners and the general public within the District;

B. To construct, install, improve and/or maintain streets, lighting, traffic signs, fire hydrants, walls, fences, gates and barriers, alleys, shelters, and each and every other useful or necessary or desired security improvement;

C. To maintain any City-owned streets and alleys, and any structure or object of any nature whatsoever related to security constructed or operated by the city;

D. To prohibit or restrict vehicular traffic on such streets and alleys within the District as the Board of Aldermen may deem necessary and to provide the means for access by emergency and refuse vehicles to or in such areas;

E. To close existing City-owned streets or alleys or to open new streets and alleys or to widen or narrow existing City-owned streets and alleys in whole or in part within the District as the Board of Aldermen may deem necessary.

SECTION SIX. The District shall have all the powers necessary to carry out any and all activities and improvements authorized by law and may:

A. Cooperate with any public agencies and with any industry or business located within the District in the implementation of any project within the District;

B. Enter into any agreement with the City, any other public agency, any person, firm, or corporation to effect any of the provisions contained in Sections 71.790 through 71.808 R.S.Mo.;

C. Contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued and provide for insurance of all projects and property owned or managed by the District and for insurance covering all members of the Board of Commissioners and employees and agents of the District, providing for coverage of such risks and with such limits as the Board of Commissioners may deem proper;

D. Accept gifts, grants, loans or contributions from the City, the United States of America, the State of Missouri, political subdivisions, foundations, other public or private agencies, individuals, partnerships, or corporations; and

E. Employ such managerial, engineering, legal, technical, clerical, accounting, and other assistance as the Board of Commissioners may deem advisable; the District may also contract with independent contractors for any such assistance;

F. Provided, however, that the members of the Board of Commissioners shall serve without compensation of any kind.
The 2010 Budget of the WPSBD was recently approved.

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